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At CineLux Films we produce luxury wedding films for an elite market desiring cinematic elegance.


From the very first time you meet us at our London based film studios to the point you receive that perfectly finished package with your films... our service is unlike any other in the industry.


To ensure the highest standards we only accept a handful of weddings each year from specifically selected clients. We don’t follow the ‘production line’ mentality when constructing your film because we value the importance of attention to detail. Every project is unique and we treat it as such.


To understand what we do you need to understand who we are. The team is comprised of fully qualified professionals in the Television, Film and Commercial industries. Every member has a minimum of an honors degree in their field and many years of hard earned experience. Our entire team works at Liger Television when we are not producing bespoke wedding films.


Through our course of work, we have produced feature films commercials and documentaries as well as a myriad of work for the private sector. We are currently in production on two upcoming features pegged for theatrical release.


Due to this background our skills have been honed to a razor sharp degree so we can focus on capturing your event without technical concerns. This is one of the many strengths that differentiates us. Experience as well as education and talent. CineLux was created and named with this principle in mind. Cine because we produce cinematic films and Lux because it is a unit of measurement for light and demonstrates our true professionalism. It is also, conveniently an abbreviation for Luxury. Something our work is associated with.


We have been the official videographers for two years in a row at AWE - the yearly wedding exhibition in London and our services have been internationally acclaimed.


We do not use video cameras, We only shoot on Full HD 35mm digital cinema cameras which are being used widely by film makers. To clarify we shoot Full HD not HDV like the majority of the wedding industry. The techniques we use are more commonly found in the realm of cinema or commercial advertisement. For instance we are one of the only companies in the world that offers digital airbrushing for films in this industry.


We are here to answer your questions and queries so please do not hesitate to contact us.