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Your Investment

We offer ultra high end coverage for events. This is not your ordinary wedding videography service. As with every other aspect of your wedding, there are several options to choose from when deciding the type of coverage you would like. Our pricing is based on full day coverage which is 10 hours. Discounts are available for half day coverage up to 5 hours at a rate of 30% off each package . All packages include shooting in Full HD, glide track, micro dolly, editing, highlights, and 3 bespoke printed DVDs with motion menu design as standard. With this in mind please use the following get an idea of what we can offer you at each event.

Coverage Options

You may select your core coverage for each day and then optionally add luxury extras

Single Operator

Coverage by a single qualified professional operator from our team  in FULL HD for up to 10 hours at your venue including editing.

Two Operators

Coverage by a two qualified professional operators from our team  in FULL HD for up to 10 hours at your venue including editing.

Three Operators inc  Steadicam

Coverage by two qualified professional operators from our team  in FULL HD for up to 10 hours at your venue as well as additional STEADICAM coverage by a third operator from our team, including editing.

Four Operators inc Steadicam & Jib

Coverage by two qualified professional operators from our team in FULL HD for up to 10 hours at your venue as well as additional STEADICAM coverage by a third operator from our team. In addition to this a Fourth operator would be operating the camera crane for some spectacular shots. Includes editing.
Each of the base packages above utilizes Super 35mm or 35mm Cameras and our qualified professional crew to give your finished piece a cinematic look. Much of this is achieved during the shoot with our equipment and expertise contrary to popular belief that the film look comes from editing alone. A Half Day is constituted of 5 Hours and a Full Day is 10. Any coverage beyond this must be pre-authorized so that we can schedule in additional editing time in post production. Once you have selected a base package for your event you may select the optional extras that really bring your film to life. If you would lie to book a half day then discounts are available.

Luxury Extras
Cinematic Short
If you do not want full length coverage and would prefer a short 10-15 minute film with much more impact, we offer a one off film service. Please note that if you choose this you will not be receiving full length coverage for the day but an abbreviated and cinematic summary. This is often more cost effective if you would like our acclaimed service on a budget.
Pre Wedding Shoot
We will tailor a pre-wedding shoot to your needs and visual desires. Whether you would like a james-bond style car chase at an abandoned airfield complete with tracking vehicles and aerial shots or a boat trip with your fiance and a romantic dinner setting, we can deliver.
Cinema Package - Bespoke
A custom package. Bespoke in the truest sense. Totally unique and unlike any other video out there. The sky is the limit & we will give you the resources of a professional feature film crew to create something truly unique. Only for the most adventurous couples.
Cinematography Extras
Our most popular cinematography extra and one that we highly recommend. Steadicam is cinematography equipment used in feature films, commercials and music videos. Every time you have seen the camera ‘fly’ through a scene or follow a character it is because a steadicam is in use. Most of the time this is done so well that you do not even realize it is happening... please review some of our work in our Portfolio section or take a look at our NEWS page for more information on how this works. The Image on the right shows one of our operators using the equipment on a project we shot in Prague
Steadicam in Prague
Jib (Camera Crane)
An enlightened perspective. A camera crane or ‘jib’ allows us to capture magnificent shots from interesting perspectives. From grand swooping shots over tables and decor to slowly rising shots elevating from floor level up to a chandelier the Jib truely provides something unique and luxurious.  
Camera Assistant*
  A Steadicam or Jib assistant. Required if you choose the Steadicam or Jib services.  
Additional camera operator(s)
  Additional Operators plus equipment to capture multiple angles and parallel items happening simultaneously. Our operators can be booked in half day or full day increments.  
Helicopter Coverage
To give you that arial perspective. A real wow factor for outdoor events.  
Advanced Lighting
We will light your entire venue from a cinematography point of view. This is not to be confused with decor.  
Glide Track
  The Glidetrack is a small track which allows us to mount a camera onto a portable platform and then achieve tracking shots by pushing the camera along the track. This really adds a cinematic feel to the piece. One is included as standard with our base packages.
Micro Dolly
  A micro dolly on wheels to get shots that are otherwise impossible with a conventional dolly. Suitable for floor use or any hard surface such as a table.
Limpet Car Rig
  Allows us to attach cameras to car exteriors giving your film awe inspiring driving shots.
HD Video Feed inc Operator
  An optional camera operator with a broadcast camera to supply a video feed to screens, projectors and the like. Useful for large venues where guests need to see what is going on. The operator follows the action.      

Editing Extras

Digital Airbrushing


  Charged per hour of final video with the option of highlights or digital trailer only. We also offer digital airbrushing and colour grading on Davinci Resolve to make your skin and video look perfect, we are the only company in the UK that does this in the asian market and we are able to do so as we operate this service within our production company for commercials. Unlike the others out there, we have infrastructure as well as experience. We only take on a handful of weddings each year.
Digital Highlights Trailer
  Option of delivery within 1 month. Viewable on mobile phones and easily shared with your family via social network sites like facebook. Please take a look at one of our examples HERE.
Bespoke DVD MENU - Green Screen
  We are uniquely able to shoot you at our London based Television Studio and via our motion graphic and design team, we can create a DVD and Bluray Menu system that incorporates yourself as part of the Menu!  
Express Edit
    We have one of the fastest turnaround times in London amongst ultra high end wedding videography companies. Most offer 12-14 months for the caliber of work we produce. We deliver within 4-6. However if this is still too long a wait we offer an Express Edit service at a premium. This involves having up to four offline editors simultaneously assembling your event before it is ‘online’ edited and finished by our senior creative director - your point of contact throughout the entire process.

Bonus DVD / Blu Ray Content

Voice over & Couples Commentary
Picture Slideshow
Full Res Uncompressed HD Master

International Travel

We have covered events across the globe and are available with advance notice.